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Representing one’s clients well is stressful work, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that attorneys are likely to experience mental health challenges associated with that stress. In a 2016 survey* of almost 13,000 attorneys, nearly half reported concerns with depression and over half reported concerns with anxiety at some point in their career. That same study found that attorneys reported symptoms consistent with clinical diagnoses of stress, depression, anxiety, and problem drinking at much higher rates than the general population. Investing in one’s mental health is vital to ensuring these challenges don’t negatively impact one’s personal or professional life.

Join Cascadia for this special session of Mental Health First Aid for Attorneys. Participants learn how to use MHFA’s 5-step ALGEE Action Plan to recognize mental health challenges in themselves and others, connect people with appropriate mental health resources, and safely intervene in a mental health crisis. Scenarios, supplemental information, and peer-to-peer discussions help contextualize the First Aid techniques for attorneys and their support staff.

Mental Health First Aid was developed by researchers, mental health professionals, and people with lived experience of mental health challenges. The methods are backed by research, with over 300 citations included in the MHFA program manual, and the training has been proven to increase participants’ confidence in approaching and assisting someone through a mental health challenge (link to case studiesĀ here). Mental Health First Aiders don’t just know how to handle a mental health challenge; they also engage people needing support more readily and get better results for it.

The Oregon State Bar has approved this session for 4 Minimum Continuing Legal Education Units in the Mental Health/Substance Abuse category.

*Patrick R. Krill, Ryan Johnson, & Linda Albert, The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys, Journal of Addiction Medicine, January/February 2016 – Volume 10 – Issue 1 – p 46-52


$100 per participant – includes materials, location, MHFA certification, and 4 MCLE Units.

Sign Up:

Go to bit.ly/mhfa-for-attorneys to sign up.

Special rates may apply for employees of nonprofit organizations. If you have questions or would like to schedule a session for your organization, please contact West Aron, west.aron@cascadiabhc.org, or email our MHFA team directly, MHFA@cascadiabhc.org.