Sarah Coleman, QMHP, CADC I

Senior Director of Integrated Operations

Sarah started with Cascadia in June 2009 as a residential counselor at Rita May Manor, one of Cascadia’s non-secure residential programs. Having grown up in Portland, she was excited to move back to her hometown after finishing college in Eugene and Corvallis. As she moved into leadership at the site, she started working on her CADC I through courses at Portland Community College and an internship with Central City Concern’s Old Town Recovery Center.

She moved into the program manager role and began helping with training and coverage at the other residential sites in the division. This work motivated her to go back to school for her Masters of Science in Psychology so she could become Cascadia’s Director of Multnomah County Residential and Supportive Housing in Summer 2014. After three years as the director and eight years in the residential division, she started as the Senior Director of Health Centers working with the four clinics and several outpatient programs connected to them until mid-2019.

Now, Sarah is the Senior Director of Integrated Operations, which is a position that works with our administrative and operations staff at the Health Centers and within several community-based programs. This position works closely with the Senior Director of Integrated Clinical Care in developing and implementing policies and procedures, reviewing and operationalizing contracts, and ensuring the Health Centers run smoothly and efficiently.