April 12, 2022

Doing the Work: Rhonda, Older Adult Program Manager

Cascadia employees are amazing. They are dedicated to the well-being of our community and do life-changing work every day. That’s why we’re releasing a series of videos focused on Cascadia employees and what it’s like to do the work they do.

Meet Rhonda, Program Manager for Cascadia’s Older Adult and Medically Complex Outpatient Program. She oversees Cascadia’s outpatient mental health services for older adults and people with disabilities.

“It’s mostly a really fun job. Some days are hard. Some days you’re just wishing there were more resources and more things we could offer to the clients. But some days, you get those little wins, and also some days you just get to meet people who tell you the best stories ever,” Rhonda says. “Cascadia’s a good employer. You’re going to feel good about the work that you’re doing here.”

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