Street Outreach Team

The team provides street-level outreach and dedicated in-reach to local shelters to assist people who are experiencing homelessness and struggling with mental health issues into stable housing.  The team’s primary goal is rapid placement into permanent housing. Core services include: Mental health assessments, crisis care coordination, assistance navigating service systems, referrals into short term housing options, and help accessing mainstream benefits. Households placed into independent housing apartments are provided with up to a year of home based support services.

Street Outreach Team meet people who are sleeping outside or in vehicles during street outreach activities.  We also accept referrals via other local street outreach programs, low-service shelters, and partnerships with select emergency response systems.

You can help.

If you are interested in supporting the Street Outreach Team please consider the following:

  • waterproof/resistant gloves or mittens (preferably dark colors/black)
  • waterproof/resistant winter coats (adults, all sizes)
  • sleeping bags and warm blankets (fleece/wool)
  • waterproof/resistant hats (preferably dark colors/black)
  • knit hats (preferably dark colors/black)
  • tarps (preferably brown, dark colors)
  • hand warmers

Our Amazon shopping wishlist is set up for your convenience, and for health and safety reasons during the pandemic.

You can also donate online to support the purchase of these supplies and other items.