Substance Use Disorders (SUD)

Cascadia offers alcohol and drug outpatient services for adults and youth, including individual therapy with professional counselors helping to cope with past trauma, education on the effects of substances, relapse prevention, and building effective relationships.

We also offer DUII education, diversion, and conviction services to aid in completing requirements.

Medication Supported Recovery

Cascadia offers Medication Supported Recovery (MSR) — commonly referred to as Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT— as part of our substance use disorder treatment options.  We currently provide MSR (MAT) for persons using opioids or methamphetamine. Cascadia can offer clients support through their SUD treatment with counseling and medication-assisted treatment.

Individuals can call directly, and Cascadia also welcomes referrals from other organizations to our MSR services. For individuals who would be better supported in a higher level of care, Cascadia will refer to a community partner. Individuals receiving services through Cascadia’s residential and supportive housing programs can access MSR through our health centers.