Our Integrated Approach to Care

Adult mental health counseling services are currently closed to new clients. If you are a current patient, you can still get counseling services. All other Cascadia services are still open and available.

If you need help now, more resources are available at Cascadia’s four Wellness Centers. If you have Oregon Health Plan coverage or other health insurance, you can also contact your health plan to find counseling services.

Cascadia’s whole health care model empowers individuals as they work toward their goals to achieve recovery. From prevention to healthy lifestyle education to intensive treatment when needed, our services encompass a more systemic approach to health management for the adults, children, seniors, and families we serve. Clients can get primary care and behavioral health care needs through one team, at one location.

By integrating services — mental health and addiction treatment, primary care, and housing — we can improve healthcare delivery to those who have chronic mental health challenges and help people live longer and healthier lives.

Referrals are welcome from individuals, families, medical providers, Multnomah County Court including (DUII, FIT), DHS (children and families), Department of Criminal Justice (probation, post-prison supervision), Community Court, Mental Health Court, and others. Programs are designed for people of diverse cultural backgrounds and include specialized programs.

Paying for services

We have a sliding fee available for clients who are not insured, based on income and dependents.

If you have had difficulty applying for the Oregon Health Plan, you might consider making an appointment with one of Cascadia’s OHP assisters.  Located at each of our Outpatient Health Centers, the OHP Assisters have direct access to the Oregon Health Authority eligibility portal which means nearly immediate results for applications. Currently, Cascadia’s assisters are able to help with OHP and Federal Marketplace questions and applications but are unable to assist with Medicare.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, call the main phone number of the health center nearest to you.

Cascadia has established a No Surprise Act protocol to assist our clientele who pay out-of-pocket for services.  This is a good faith effort to ensure that clients/patients are made aware of costs for services.  Please contact a Cascadia staff member for more details on the Good Faith Estimate protocols.

Crisis Intervention

Cascadia has many services and programs to help serve our clients receive appropriate services before or during a mental health crisis.