October 30, 2020

Support Cascadia in Willamette Week’s Annual Give!Guide Campaign


As we head into the holiday season, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is excited to announce that we are a part of the Willamette Week’s Give!Guide campaign once again.

Give!Guide is an annual fundraising campaign benefiting hundreds of nonprofits that are doing impactful work in our community. Throughout November and December, Give!Guide offers interactive events, donation opportunities, and incentives to individuals who share the goal of creating a stronger community through giving. Donations are encouraged at every level, with a $10 minimum.

There’s no doubt – we’ve been through a lot this year. Now more than ever, the strength of our community relies on our whole health. When experiencing isolation, fear, and anxiety, we all deserve safety, stability, and well-being. Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is ensuring access to whole health care for our most vulnerable community members who are facing significant adversities.

Your gift ensures:

  • Our Health Centers and Urgent Walk-in Clinic remain open to all.
  • Our coordinated mental health and primary care teams keep clients informed, healthy, and out of emergency rooms.
  • Our virtual support team provides an additional resource for individuals at risk and needing someone to talk to.
  • Our crisis team works with first responders, shelters, and community members to de-escalate and support individuals in crisis.
  • We meet our clients where they are, whether through telehealth services, mental health, and primary care, treatment for substance use disorders, or street-level outreach.
  • Our residential counselors and nursing staff ensure the safety and stability of residents.
  • Our whole community can achieve health and well-being.

Knowing you’ve made a real impact is its own gift, but there are also some exciting incentives for individuals who choose to support Cascadia in this year’s Give!Guide:

  • The first 40 donations will receive gift certificates from Po’Shines for a free Chicken Po’Boy or Southern Veggie Wrap
  • The first 50 who give $100+ will get $25 gift certificates from Pip’s Doughnuts
  • and Tonkon Torp will match the first $2,500 in donations

You can make a gift today on our Give!Guide profile page. And, make sure to follow along on Cascadia’s social media pages for updates on Give!Guide events, giving incentives, and more.

Happy giving!