October 29, 2019

Housing Employee Spotlight: Meet Maddie

Housing is a key component to Cascadia’s whole health care model and is critical to improving health outcomes for our clients. This month, we’re featuring some of our housing staff, who help keep our residential locations running smoothly.

Maddie has been working as an On Site Manager at Cascadia’s Lone Pine Apartments for nearly two years.

Maddie takes time every day to work on the building, including general cleaning or getting rid of old clutter in storage areas. These tasks help the residents feel better about where they live. Outside of paperwork, Maddie spends a lot of interacting with residents and building rapport, whether it be through finding local resources, making plans to meet housing goals, or taking the time to talk about their day. Maddie’s role is a lot more than just paperwork; it’s maintaining and repairing communities through small interactions and creating a place residents can be proud of living at.

“Providing and helping individuals maintain a stable living situation can greatly contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual. I had been without stable housing a large portion of my youth and early adolescence, so I know how important housing is for the residents at Lone Pine. They worked hard to get into this housing and waited a long time for it, so stability and retaining it is crucial. By working towards stability and building up the community with the residents here individually, it creates a welcoming environment that promotes healthy living for the mind and body!”