October 24, 2019

Housing Employee Spotlight: Meet Sharon, Ethan and Jennifer

Housing is a key component to Cascadia’s whole health care model and is critical to improving health outcomes for our clients. This month, we’re featuring some of our housing staff, who help keep our residential locations running smoothly.

Sharon, Ethan and Jennifer are Portfolio Managers at Cascadia’s administrative offices. The day to day work of Portfolio Managers can vary greatly. Portfolio Managers spend time listening to residents over the phone and in person. They also represent Cascadia in court cases, produce financial budgets for properties, provide supervision/training of our onsite staff, work with state and federal agencies and investigate complaints. Additionally, Portfolio Managers work closely with Cascadia’s maintenance team, program staff, vendors, residents and their service providers to help make sure properties run smoothly and our residents are successful. Their work is crucial to ensure the safety and security of Cascadia’s 50+ properties.

Housing is health. Without housing, people cannot truly heal mentally or emotionally. Medical needs cannot be properly addressed and working through addiction is near impossible. Having a safe, secure and affordable place to live increases the chances of success in all of these areas.” – Jennifer

“Our work is aimed at providing safe and affordable housing that is consistent with some Housing First principles. We work with social workers on a daily basis to help coordinate care of our residents and to ensure that their basic needs are being addressed.” -Ethan