July 5, 2022

Cascadia Employees Singled Out for Recognition by Multnomah County Leadership

CEO Derald Walker and County Chair Deborah Kafoury

The outstanding work that Cascadia employees do for the community every day hasn’t gone unnoticed by the community, including by leaders at the county level. On Wednesday, June 29 leaders from the Multnomah County Behavioral Health Division, along with Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury, visited Cascadia at Lloyd Plaza and the Project Respond offices.

Chair Kafoury, along with Multnomah County behavioral health leaders Ebony Clarke and Julie Dodge, came for the purpose of thanking us in person and to deliver tokens of appreciation for each employee. Those gifts will be distributed soon, along with a note from Cascadia CEO Derald Walker.

During their visit, these leaders honored our employees as behavioral health heroes who are committed to the work of caring for our community. And, they said that they specifically chose to recognize Cascadia employees—Cascadia is the only partner organization they are providing with employee appreciation gifts.

Cascadia employees’ contributions to our community have helped us provide continuous care to our clients even in the face of major challenges. We are so grateful to our employees for their service. While this is just a small token of appreciation, it represents the gratitude so many in our community feel toward behavioral health heroes like our employees.

Thank you to Multnomah County leaders for seeing the dedication and commitment of Cascadia employees and for recognizing them with these gifts.