September 23, 2020

Self-Care Recovery Tips During COVID-19

Adapted from Oregon Recovers and Serenity Lane

The pandemic and challenges brought about by it may cause increased stress, especially for individuals who are in recovery. Ultimately, each of us is responsible for ourselves and our families to maintain our recovery in the face of today’s challenges, such as COVID-19. It may be difficult, but there are ways to remain grounded and make progress during these unpredictable times.

Below are several strategies you can use to remain focused on your recovery:

  1. Breathe. Deep, abdominal breathing can decrease anxiety, increase calmness, and enhance overall wellness. As you breathe through your nose, try to take a little longer on the out breath. Close your eyes and take at least ten breaths.
  2. Ask for help. Do you need supplies? A ride? Help around your house? Make sure you don’t try to do it all alone.
  3. Have compassion for yourself and your body. When our bodies are recovering it can be hard to remind our minds they need to slow down as well. Remember your situation is temporary and that the time you spend resting will ensure a more speedy recovery.
  4. Call someone. Call or video call a sponsor or a recovery buddy, or even a healthy friend or family member to hear and see their warm smile from afar.
  5. Make some goals. Sometimes boredom can be our biggest enemy so try to stay busy, even if you are limited in what you can do. This is a great time to check something off your bucket list or start a new hobby.
  6. Be of service. Call a few folks on the phone tree. Reach out to a friend new in recovery. Post some inspirational quotes on social media.
  7. Eat healthily and stay active. If you are recovering from COVID-1, check with your health care provider about light stretching or a small walk.
  8. Gather small. Meet a few friends in the park for a socially distanced walk and talk.
  9. Make a list of the things you can do. Sometimes you just need to remember that there is a lot you still have control over.

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