December 7, 2022

Cascadia and Feed the Mass Provide 200 Thanksgiving Meals to Supportive Housing Tenants

Cascadia’s Wellness Team partnered with local nonprofit Feed the Mass to distribute 200 individual Thanksgiving meals to Cascadia clients on November 23, 2022. The effort ensured all of Cascadia’s supportive housing tenants had meals for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cascadia’s Wellness Team, headquartered at Garlington Health Center, is focused on community partnerships that maximize the good we can do for our clients and other locals in need.

For the past year, the Wellness Team has been working with Feed the Mass, an organization dedicated to addressing Portland-area food insecurity, on an initiative to feed the community around Dawson Park.

The Wellness Team aims to continue its partnership with Feed the Mass, so educational programming pertaining to cooking basics, kitchen hygiene, and how to best benefit from food pantries may be on the horizon.