June 6, 2019

We Welcome All: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Is Key to Whole Health Care

June is Pride month: the time of the year that the LGBTQ+ community can be visible, and celebrate themselves and each other in a safe and loving environment. Being seen and heard can be the first steps to healing and recovery.  Cascadia strives to assure that our programs, services, and organizational culture contribute to a welcoming environment where everyone feels that they are welcome.

Cascadia aspires to seven tenants to create a culturally responsive organization:

  1. We are culturally responsive to clients and ensure treatment effectiveness to all. We strive to have our staff composition reflect our community.
  2. We strive to create a work environment of inclusion, safety and acceptance.
  3. We offer fair, open and transparent access to opportunities for growth and promotion for employees.
  4. We strive to be a leader in effective incorporation of equity, diversity and inclusion into our work with, and on behalf of, those with mental health and substance use challenges, including the support we provide to address trauma experiences and primary care needs.
  5. We strive to reach a broader group of clients- immigrants, refugees, migrant workers, and non-English speakers. We will continue our commitment to reducing the incarceration of the mentally ill, people of color, disabled and other at-risk groups.
  6. We strive to be seen as a great place to work and an employer of choice in the Portland market. We are known as a safe, respectful, and reliable place to come.
  7. We treat everyone with empathy and compassion in recognition and acknowledgement of the persistent exclusion and rejection so many face in this world.

We also offer a variety of trauma-informed, inclusive, mental and physical health programs and services, many of which are culturally specific. For our LGBTQ+ community we offer a supportive environment and services including hormone management, primary care, peer support, individual and group counseling, and the option to get a DMV certification if you have legally changed your gender identification.

With our mission of whole health care, we proud of our efforts to create a welcoming environment for all who seek services from us.

Cascadia is participating in several events this month that you can join in to help celebrate diversity this month:

  • June 12: View and discuss the film showing of Trans Dudes with Lady Cancer, co-hosted by Cascadia, the Q Center, the Equi Center, Coalition of Community Health Clinics, and STIRY on Wednesday, June 12 at 5:30 pm at the Q Center. This is a short film that documents the journey of two transmasculine individuals who navigate the health system with breast and ovarian cancer. View the event here: http://bit.ly/TransDudesFilm
  • June 15 & 16: Join Cascadia at our booth at Pride NW to celebrate LGBTQ+ individuals in the community. We will be there in Section H, Booth 5- stop by and say hi and grab some of our SWAG! Find more info here:  https://www.pridenw.org/printable-festival-map
  • June 21:Visit our booth at the 10th Latino Health Equity Conference, a conference that will provide a forum to focus on individual and community issues addressing health equity through research, programs, and policies. Find more info here: https://www.latinohealthequity.org/
  • June 22 & 23:Cascadia will also be present at the 27thAnnual Good in the Hood multicultural music, arts, and food festival to engage the community and connect people with experiences that strengthen unity in the community! Find more info here: https://www.goodnthehood.org/ 

Call our Cascadia Access Information and Referral (CAIR) Line at 503-674-7777 for an intake or assessment to start receiving services.