July 1, 2019

Building Resiliency for a #wholecommunity

Happy July!  Summer is in full swing and kids are out of school — which for families can mean change in routine, more time together, and more parents may be looking for some assistance and support.  Building stronger, healthier families is important to Cascadia. Developing “resilience” through positive connection, feeling supported, love, and learning empathy can help develop positive mental health and well-being.  If you, your child or family needs support, please reach out to us to set up an appointment and we’ll be happy to help.

We’ll be sharing tips and information  on how to build resiliency on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages throughout the month. We will also be at several community events this month — so, come join us and build a #wholecommunity.

July 5  Family Game Night

July 11 Wellness Walking Group

July 15 Who We Are: LGBTQ+ Experiences in Refugee and Immigrant Communities

July 18 Wellness Walking Group

July 18 African American Community Event

July 21 Sunday Parkways

July 21 STIRY Elevate Your Voice

July 22 Oregon Public House

July 25 Wellness Walking Group