October 1, 2019

Housing is Key to Building a Whole Community

One of the key elements of Cascadia's whole health care model -- and critical to improving health outcomes for our clients – is housing. With 1,000 residential units (owned, operated, or supported), Cascadia is working to help our clients get into and retain housing which improves the wellbeing of those we serve, and the community overall.

Cascadia owns and manages over 650 units of specialty affordable housing. Since 2003, Cascadia has developed four new housing projects and renovated nine other buildings in need of improvements. Our portfolio includes 17 licensed residential programs that provide intensive services to individuals with the most severe and disabling conditions, 12 supportive housing sites in which individuals live independently and utilize mental health services through Cascadia, 18 fully independent housing sites, and one integrated healthcare housing site (Garlington Place Apartments). Our second integrated property (Centennial Place Apartments) is in the pre-development phase.

Our Community-Based Services (which includes our Housing Outreach Teams, Shelter Team, and our Street Outreach Team) are generally skills and/or case management interventions that happen in various places around the community – in client homes, places where they get other services, at their place of employment, or on the street.  Last year the teams worked with thousands of individuals in the Portland area to get the care they need.

Providing a stable and secure living environment allows individuals to focus on improving other aspects of their lives – their health, employment, education, and social networks. We encourage our fellow community members to learn more about the impacts of homelessness and health, and how we can support each other in creating a whole community.