Sandra Wilborn, MS

Chief Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Sandra joined Cascadia in 2006 as a Program Manager and was subsequently named Clinical Director of Secure Residential Treatment Facilities in 2010. During her tenure, Sandra championed a reorganization of Secure Residential Treatment Facilities (SRTF) programs, actively integrating complex disciplinary teams and promoting reclassification of direct care roles increasing the level of professionalism and treatment provision across those programs.

In 2011, Sandra was named to the inaugural class of the National Council of Mental Wellbeing’s Addressing Health Disparities Program and has remained involved in assisting future classes to meet their goals. One of her passions is identifying and developing emerging leaders while providing opportunities for leadership teams and individuals to recognize and utilize strengths in order to enrich services and safeguard continued innovation.

Sandra joined the Cascadia senior leadership team in 2016 in her role leading Cascadia’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion efforts. She’s been involved in the effort to make Cascadia a more inclusive and equitable workplace since 2007. As an active participant in Cascadia’s Diversity Champions, Training Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (TADI), and the Diversity Steering Committee, Sandra’s deep-rooted aspiration to positively transform workplace culture derives from personal experience. “I like to think we all desire to be part of a universe where each individual can be celebrated for what they bring to the table, where our successes and our struggles can be accepted and recognized as valiant and courageous efforts at bringing us together as one,” Sandra says.

In 2014, Sandra was awarded Facility Dog, Clove III, from Canine Companions for Independence in Santa Rosa, California. Clove continues to accompany Sandra in her work at Cascadia, frequently interacting with clients and staff and providing a source of comfort, acceptance, and compassion.