October 5, 2022

Team Cascadia Joins AIDS Walk Northwest

AIDS Walk Northwest Aims to Raise Money for Treatment and Transmission Awareness

For the first time since the COVID pandemic hit, the annual AIDS Walk Northwest was once again an actual in-person walk. Several Cascadia employees represented Cascadia at the walk on September 17.

The 36th annual walk, which began at the height of the AIDS pandemic, began at Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland. People gathered to raise funds and show there is still an ongoing impact from HIV/AIDS.

“We still have a lot to do in this work to get to a point where there’s no stigma around HIV/AIDs and we get to a point where there’s no HIV transmission,” said Jessy Friedt, the chief development officer for the Cascade AIDS project. She said they gather as a community “to raise funds for the important work that we’re doing.”

So far, AIDS Walk Northwest said they’ve raised about $218,000 this year, nearing their $240,000 goal.

The money will be used to help them raise awareness about AIDS transmission and treatment.

Thank you to Team Cascadia for representing us at this important event!