Username, Password & Profile Questions

Please do not create another account/profile. Your username is typically the e-mail address that you used to create your account. When you originally created your account/profile, an e-mail was sent to you with your account information; you may want to check for that e-mail. You may also want to check your junk or spam folder because some e-mail settings filter these e-mails into those folders.

Go to ‘Sign In’ and click on ‘Forgot Password’ or email Current employees: You don’t need a password. Simply follow the instructions listed for ‘Current Cascadia Employees’ above the link for you to apply.

You can change your profile at any time by logging in with your e-mail address and password. Click ‘edit profile’ found in the drop-down menu under your name at the top right and update your information.

General Questions

You can set up a free e-mail account with providers such as Gmail, Yahoo or MSN . (Note: Cascadia does not endorse any specific e-mail service.)

You do not need a profile to search open positions. Simply enter the Career Center by clicking the External Applicants Search and Apply, and search open positions by job number, job title, keywords or filter your search. Click on the arrows at the top or bottom to move to the next page of open positions. If you decide to apply for a position, a profile must be created and an online application must be completed. If you are a current Cascadia employee, you will only need to create a profile and submit an updated resume.

It is important that hiring managers are provided with your qualifications to assist them in the recruitment and selection process. Resumés provide important information about your work experience, education and skills. These areas are closely reviewed and compared to other qualified candidates who are interested in the open position.

The application is a legal electronically signed document; the resumé is not. The application also will have more detailed information that a resumé may not have. It is important that both are completed, as this information is used when your qualifications and employment history are being reviewed.