Come Work in Residential

Cascadia’s residential counselors provide front-line care for our clients, some of the community’s most vulnerable residents. Our counselors care, and they work tirelessly to provide support, patience, and resources so that our clients can live their best, healthiest lives. Cascadia is hiring residential counselor positions — entry-level and above — which are great opportunities for those with customer service skills or have experience in caregiving or direct support who also have an interest in counseling, mental health, and a compassionate trauma-informed mission.

We are always excited to have individuals join our residential teams. These are programs that operate 24/7 and are consistently staffed. Read more about these opportunities and programs and apply now.

  • PSRB: Residents who live in these programs are mandated by the Psychiatric Security Review Board.
  • PSRB TBI: Same as the above but also live with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Respite: Provides short term respite for our residents in our residential programs
  • Secure: Residents in these programs are generally referred by the Oregon State Hospitals and these facilities remain locked for security at all hours.
  • Clackamas Choice ModeI: Located Clackamas area, residents in these programs are those living with severe and persistent mental illness and may have been referred by the Oregon State Hospital and other sources. They require treatment and community supports to transition to more independent living.
  • Portland Choice Model: Located in Portland area, same as of the above.



Here are some of the reasons why our residential counselors do what they do:

“My goal is to help my clients live a full happy healthy life by giving them the confidence and skills to succeed in the community and at home. It takes a big heart, lots of empathy and patience, mixed with knowledge and understanding of people. I spent many years searching for a job where I felt satisfied. Being a residential counselor I get to go home every day knowing I am making a difference. Changing lives starts here.”

“I am a residential counselor who genuinely cares about the success and well-being of all the residents for which we serve…I am so thankful that I have had the continued pleasure of working with some of the most extraordinary and awe-inspiring people that I have met in my life. It’s the residents that keep me coming back every single day, and I can’t say that enough.”

“One person’s mile may be another person’s marathon. The achievement is no less significant because of the distance run…. Recognizing the balance between the routine and the remarkable- and seeing the validity of both- is essential to residential care. Residential counselors are ambassadors of reconciliation and  bridge builders. My experience as both a clinician and a client empowers my work…. I love my work because I use my fullest intellectual and emotional capabilities to participate in others’ healing.”

“Working in residential provides a unique opportunity to see how the client acts and interacts with others in spaces where they feel the most comfortable. There is also a level of connection we are able to achieve with clients …which is also why residential counselors play a vital role in the treatment planning process. What I’ve found is that on any given day at a residential facility, I really do have the ability to significantly affect the lives of the clients I work with, either in helping them achieve their goals, teaching skills, or using the much underrated skill of listening… what I’ve now learned is that having warm and caring relationships helps build resiliency and healthy coping that we may not even see.”