September 5, 2018 — Opioid addiction is a national health crisis with tragic local effects. Oregon had a 5.1 percent increase in drug overdose deaths from May 2017 to April 2018, according to data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
To respond to the epidemic and better meet the needs of the community, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare will now offer Medication Supported Recovery (MSR) – commonly referred to as Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT – as part of their expanded substance use disorder treatment options.
“With our integrated, whole health care approach, Cascadia is in an ideal position to help individuals desiring to break from substance use,” said Jeffrey Eisen, MD, Cascadia’s Chief Medical Officer. “MSR is known to be effective, and with the support of our counseling and primary care services and deep set of resources, our clients will have guidance and real hope on their path to recovery,” he said.
MSR combines both behavioral therapy and medications to treat an Opioid use disorder.
Dr. Monique Jones, MD, Cascadia’s Medical Director of Addictions, along with Dr. Eisen, will lead the program, which will be available at all Cascadia Health Centers. Maintenance and opiate and alcohol detoxification will be offered.
Cascadia aims to make treatment as accessible as possible to the community, so there are no barriers to engaging in the nonprofit’s MSR services. Individuals with or without health insurance are eligible.
Through the Wheelhouse network, partner health organizations in the region can also refer clients to Cascadia for treatment. Partners can make referrals through Cascadia’s CAIR line at 503-674-7777.