Maggie Bennington-Davis, Cascadia’s Chief Medical and Operations Officer, was handpicked to represent the viewpoint on solutions mental illness in our community for a Call to Action panel convened by U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall in partnership with the Citizens Crime Commission.

The summit took place on February 13 at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. District Courthouse with this mission in mind:

In the wake of the recent tragedies in our community and across the nation, we ask ourselves, are we doing enough to address gun violence in our community? What more can we do? This “Call to Action” brings influential leaders and stakeholders from across Oregon for focused briefings, dialogue and sharing of ideas about community health and safety. This one day summit will feature executive briefings and panel presentations by subject matter experts in six focused areas relating to gun violence, health and safety in our community:

  • Law Enforcement; preventing and prosecuting gun crimes
  • Mental illness in our community
  • Public spaces and schools: safety for the new normal
  • Bullying; caring and compassionate communities
  • Gang, Youth and Gun Violence; we can’t arrest our way out of it
  • Media and Messaging

Leaders from law enforcement and justice, the business community, mental health organizations, faith communities and schools will coalesce around a shared vision for opportunities and action items to improve the health and safety of our communities.