November 21, 2019

Cascadia’s Urgent Walk-In Clinic Team Provides Immediate Support

In a moment of crisis, receiving immediate help is crucial. Individuals who may be struggling with mental health challenges are encouraged to utilize Cascadia’s Urgent Walk-In Clinic (UWIC), which is open 365 days a year, 15.5 hours a day and has been providing support for the people of Multnomah County experiencing a behavioral health crisis since 2001. Through funding from Multnomah County, Cascadia’s UWIC serves all individuals in Multnomah County regardless of insurance, income, or age.

Our UWIC strives to provide appropriate care for those experiencing a behavioral health crisis. The UWIC team includes Masters Level Clinicians, Licensed Medical Professionals, Peer Support Specialists, and Care Coordinators, which allows them to offer comprehensive wrap-around services all within the same day.

Our short-term services are based on clinical needs, and may include:

  • Counseling
  • Referrals to affordable mental healthcare
  • Psychiatric prescriber services
  • Substance treatment referrals
  • Other community resources

Some visitors of the UWIC may have acute concerns, while others have ongoing health issues. Regardless of the situation, the UWIC team provides a crisis assessment and then can offer crisis management and safety planning as well as assistance with signing up for OHP, access to medications, referrals to community partners, and coordination of resources. Additionally, individuals can also be referred to the UWIC’s Standing Stone Resource Room, which offers a sitting area, space for conversation, and access to basic needs assistance, computers, and phones.

With the extensive range of possibilities at the UWIC, staff are experts at handling the varied flow of crisis work, managing competing demands and switching gears in order to meet the needs of anyone who walks in. While success can feel different for each individual, the team strives to make sure each person who accesses the UWIC has been heard, treated with empathy, and given support.

To learn more about Cascadia’s crisis intervention resources, visit: