December 16, 2020

Join Cascadia in Supporting the Eviction Moratorium

On December 31st, Oregon’s eviction moratorium will end. Join Cascadia in support of extending the eviction moratorium to help people who have been struggling to pay rent during the COVID crisis.

Thousands of Oregonians are at risk of sudden homelessness and the disproportionate impact of job losses and of the virus on our neighbors who are low-income, Black, Indigenous, and people of color is both stark and cruel. Oregon lawmakers must take action to extend the eviction moratorium and provide rental assistance.

How You Can Help

Sample Message: “I am asking you to support calls for a Special Session in December in order to approve extending the eviction moratorium and the proposed landlord compensation fund to make sure low-income Oregonians can stay in their homes as the pandemic worsens and as the weather gets colder. The pandemic has disproportionately affected communities of color, both in terms of devastating health impact as well as economic hardship.”

Specific Asks

The following was proposed by the House Interim Committee on Housing in Legislative Concept 18:

  • Extend the eviction moratorium to get families through the school year – to July 1, 2021
  • Provide protection to both renters and landlords against financial losses from back rent:
    • Give people more time to pay back rent
    • Providing protections for renters who have been unable to pay full rent
    • Creating a landlord compensation fund in the event renters aren’t able to pay all or part of their rent – proposal is $100 million