March 1, 2022

Garlington Center Closed Due to Flooding

Over the weekend of Feb. 26, a drainage pipe burst at Garlington Health Center, causing significant water damage and flooding to roughly two-thirds of the building.

IT infrastructure, phones, and other technologies are currently down in the building, and a plan is in process for getting phones, Internet, fire alarms, and other technology back up and running.

While most affected areas do not pose any immediate safety concerns, it is unclear when staff and clients will be able to utilize space in the building.

Phones have been successfully forwarded to other sites, so clients can continue to use the same Garlington phone numbers and be connected to an appropriate site. Emails have not been disrupted.

Most employees are currently working remotely, with the Primary Care team serving in the clinics to support patients. Staff will be returning to Garlington as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

A staff member will be stationed in the downstairs Garlington lobby to direct any clients who come in to the correct temporary location.

Where to Go for Services

  • Genoa pharmacy has been relocated to the Gresham location, and the phone number for Garlington Genoa has been forwarded. Clients can call 503-505-6599 for more information about their prescriptions.
  • Garlington Primary Care has moved all clinic services, days, and hours normally held at Garlington Health Center to Plaza Health Center for the interim.
  • Patients can be scheduled at Plaza, Woodland Park or Clackamas Health Center for Primary Care services, as well as scheduling a TeleMed appointment if needed.

We will continue to provide updates as our teams continue to work hard to resolve the situation. Thank you so much for your patience.