A renewal project offering HEALING, HOMES & HOPE for the people of Portland

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is pleased to announce efforts to renew amenities and services along Portland’s historic NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard corridor.

The new Garlington Center will combine affordable housing with a community wellness center as well as behavioral health and primary healthcare services.

This proposed mixed-use development will be built where Cascadia’s Garlington Center presently resides, located on NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., between NE Monroe and NE Morris streets (see map).

The center is named for the Reverend Dr. John W. Garlington Jr. Before their sudden passing in 1986, Rev. Garlington and his wife Yvonne were prominent members of the Portland community. Their life-long service and commitment to African American families and community members resonates today in the mission of the Garlington Center.

The Garlington Center will offer a revolutionary approach to healthcare and wellness, creating partnerships across several key public service agencies and providing healing, homes and hope to members of our community who need it most.

Improvements to the Garlington Center also offer an opportunity for restoring the vitality of Portland’s historic Albina District and Eliot Neighborhood by bringing living wage jobs, affordable homes and improvements to community space.

This project is in its early design phase. Cascadia hopes to begin construction in summer 2016. Current programing at Garlington Center will continue at a nearby location during construction.

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