May 17, 2021

Help Advocate for Funding for CCBHCs

(HB 3123)

ACTION:  Ask your state legislator to vote YES on House Bill 3123 to support the renewal of funding for the state’s Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers (CCBHCs) 

House Bill 3123 is awaiting passage in a budget committee at the Oregon State Legislature. Federal match funds for CCBHCs have already approved through the next biennium, and it’s now up to the state to ensure the funding makes it’s way to Oregon.

CCBHC is federally lauded as the most innovative, comprehensive community-based behavioral health programs yet to be designed. Sixty-five percent of people coping with mental illness also have a chronic medical condition. The CCBHC model significantly improves health outcomes for individuals with both mental and physical health diagnoses by addressing their whole health needs.

CCBHC serves as a crucial infrastructure for the development of sustainable, integrated health services that improve and save lives. It reduces emergency department utilization and medical admissions, as well as provides critical access to care and services for those who are considered high risk for COVID-19.

We can’t protect the health of our communities and leverage critical federal investments without the state’s support. We have called on our legislators to restore funding to this lifeline in our state.

Now we need your help to protect the critical funding. We must continue to ensure access to quality care for all Oregonians – especially the most vulnerable. Tell lawmakers in Salem to support funding for HB 3123.

  1. Fill in the form with your information to identify your state legislators.
  2. Next, you will see a preview of the pre-written personalized letter that will be sent to your state legislators. Feel free to edit the letter or leave it as is, but we strongly encourage you to add a personal story about how CCBHCs have played an important role for you or your organization.
  3. Hit the ‘Send Message’ button to send the letter!
Thank you for your help protecting access to healthcare!