On February 6 Oregon’s behavioral healthcare system received a boost from the floor of the Legislature when one of its longest serving members called for a large increase in funding for mental health programs. Cascadia and its partners around the state have struggled for years to maintain the most basic of services for thousands of people in need. Peter Courtney’s proposal to create a consistent revenue source would be a huge boost to helping many more people and increasing services for those who need them most, plus allow organizations like Cascadia to plan better for future capacity.

The Oregonian, February 6, 2013

Senate President Peter Courtney, the Oregon Legislature’s longest-serving member, made an impassioned plea Wednesday to pump hundreds of millions of dollars more into mental health programs.

“It’s game-changing time,” Courtney told reporters. He said he’s tired of all the talk about mental health, especially in the raging debate over gun control, and wants to see some action by state lawmakers.

“You want to do something? Let’s do it,” he said, his voice quavering at times.

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