Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare Announces New Logo and Brand Tagline


New Brand Identity Aligns With Expanded Health Services and Affordable Housing Model



October 16, 2017 

Video of new logo and tagline:


Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare announced today the nonprofit’s new logo and tagline, Whole Health Care™. For 36 years, we have been Oregon’s community health and housing safety net serving 16,000 Oregonians of all ages experiencing mental health and addiction challenges, trauma, poverty, and homelessness. Cascadia’s rebranding reflects the expansion of our health services to include primary care and wellness programs and affordable housing solutions.

“With the launch of our new logo and tagline Whole Health Care™, Cascadia has embarked on an exciting new identity that visually communicates the kind of community health nonprofit we have become,” says Derald Walker, CEO of Cascadia Behavioral healthcare. “We believe our new logo strengthens our position in the community as a compassionate and innovative provider of integrated healthcare and housing, and visually represents our commitment to caring for the whole person.”

Cascadia’s new brand identity encompasses the complete circle of care we provide. With our 2017 federal designation as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center that supports our expanded health services and our plans to open the Garlington campus in 2018 (home to our new integrated health clinic and new affordable housing apartment building), we saw this as the right opportunity to revisit our logo and tagline to explore the best way to visually community how we care for people and how we deliver that care.


What does the new Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare logo and tagline signify?

Cascadia’s new brand identity is a visual reference to the health, healing, and homes that is at the center of our mission. Our new look and message aligns with the evolution of our services and client growth, underscores our efforts to engage the community in the work we do, and reinforces our longstanding commitment to providing compassionate, personal care to our clients.

Cascadia’s new logo anchors the heart of our organization which is the people we serve, our team members and the community around us, and honors our commitment to delivering whole health care and supporting our goal to improve the health outcomes of our clients.

At the heart of Cascadia is our people – the clients we serve, our colleagues and team members, our health partners and the community around us. At Cascadia, everything we do from our clinical and outreach services looks at supporting the whole person. This is reflected in our new logo.

With our expansion of delivering affordable housing solutions to the community, we wanted to represent through our logo how homes complete a circle of health care. In addition, the shape of the roof forms a mountain that symbolizes our home in the Pacific Northwest.

The colors of our logo represent who we are and our sense of place. The lapis blue symbolizes health and healing and the vibrant green reflects wellbeing. Together these elements form the new Cascadia logo and tagline Whole Health Care™.


ABOUT CASCADIA BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE:                                                                                                                                 

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is a private, not-for-profit whose mission is to provide healing, homes and hope for people living with mental health and addiction challenges. For information on Cascadia’s comprehensive range of innovative clinical and housing support programs, visit:

As of April 1, 2017, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC) and part of a national two-year demonstration project to measure the benefits of expanding the integration of mental, substance use and physical health care. Cascadia’s three CCBHC clinics in Portland will expand this federal designation of services and serve as models for an innovative approach to mental health that treats each patient holistically, leading to improved mental and physical health, lower catastrophic care costs, and reduced stigma surrounding mental health and substance use. This project places Oregon in the national spotlight for health care reform. Oregon was one of just eight states chosen to participate in the two-year program, and Cascadia’s three participating clinics are part of only 13 selected statewide.