OPHI, Cascadia’s integrated healthcare program helps consumers manage their mental and physical health needs. Recently, a Royal Palm residential consumer had a major breakthrough due to help from the program.

Filling out paperwork may not seem like a great challenge to most of us, but to some of our consumers it’s a huge hurdle to getting the help they need. In order to get an x-ray to find out more about his chronic pain, a Royal Palm resident needed financial assistance for both the hospital x-ray and transport. But not without the qualifying forms. Multiple failed attempts had been made by both Outside In and Cascadia staff to assist the client in accomplishing this, including several attempts by our Peer Wellness Coach, Sybil, to accompany the client to the x-ray.

After collaborating with his case manager, OPHI created a plan for assisting the client, and Alicia Molina (RN Care Coordinator) was able to sit with the client along with his case manager and successfully fill out the forms! Then, Sybil, the Wellness Coach, accompanied him to the hospital, and using her motivational interviewing skills, along with distraction and re-focusing techniques, the x-ray was complete!

This is quite a success for the team who has been working with this client, and we hope that this will enable us to provide further support and resources to him in dealing with his chronic pain. Together we are creating more successes like this every day.

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