Our Integrated Approach to Care

Cascadia’s whole health care model empowers individuals as they work toward their goals and achieve recovery. From prevention to healthy lifestyle education to intensive treatment when needed, our services encompass a more systemic approach to health management for adults, children, seniors, and families we serve. Clients can get primary care and behavioral health care needs through one team, at one location.

By integrating services — mental health and addiction treatment, primary care and housing — we can improve healthcare delivery to those who have chronic mental health challenges and help people live longer and healthier lives.

Crisis Intervention

Cascadia has many services and programs to help serve our clients receive appropriate services before or during a mental health crisis.

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Mental Health Treatment

Cascadia treats mental health conditions in children, adolescents, adults and families through a combination of counseling, skills training, medication and other factors such as employment and housing. We know that there is not “one size fits” all when it comes to a plan that supports your recovery and wellness processes. Cascadia wants to work with you to design a treatment plan that will support your goals and your overall health.

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Addiction Recovery Services

Cascadia strives to provide each individual in recovery the resources and support that they need through the integration of primary care with mental health support. We can help you with substance use through our new addition of Medication Supported Recovery (MSR) which combines both behavioral therapy and medication to treat an opioid use disorder. Cascadia has also been providing gambling treatment for more than 20 years through our program that is customized for each client to help you regain control of your life, finances, and relationships and finally be rid of your dependence on gambling.

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Community Supports & Services

For over 40 years Cascadia has impacted the Portland metro area by providing services and support to our community. Cascadia has a program that will help you become the best version of you, whether that is through our Supported Employment or Education programs, providing dedicated outreach to those experiencing homelessness and struggling with mental health conditions, or through providing skill-building training.

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Primary Care

We recognize that achieving whole health care can be tough- having your primary care doctor and your counselor at two different locations can cause you unnecessary travel time and confusion from seeing two different providers to receive help. In early 2018 Cascadia introduced primary care into our available services, so you can now receive mental and behavioral health care and primary care all at one Cascadia health center. Our medical team will work side-by-side with your behavioral health team to support all of your health care needs in one location.

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Peer Support

Peer Wellness Services are composed of individuals who have lived experiences with mental health and/or substance abuse challenges. Each Peer Wellness Specialist (PWS) goes through an intensive state-approved training program that teaches them to use their lived experience to provide advocacy and support for other individuals with similar challenges. Peer wellness promotes engagement in therapeutic and wellness activities, both of which helps participants reach their goals.