November 18, 2020

Support Our Community with Winter Gear Donations

Living on the streets, especially without the proper attire and gear for cold weather, is dangerous and potentially life-threatening. This winter, Cascadia staff will work tirelessly across the City and in close partnership with emergency response systems to help individuals experiencing homelessness stay safe during severe winter weather.

But we need your help!

Outreach providers need winter gear they can pass out now, so those experiencing homelessness are prepared with the right resources when the first cold snap hits. Having the right gear staged in the right places before a crisis will help providers better focus on direct services and life-saving efforts in the moment.

Cascadia’s Street Outreach Team is in need of winter clothes and materials to help those living on the street stay safe and warm. High priority items include:

  • waterproof/resistant gloves or mittens (preferably dark colors/black)
  • waterproof/resistant winter coats (adults, all sizes)
  • sleeping bags and warm blankets (fleece/wool)
  • waterproof/resistant hats (preferably dark colors/black)
  • knit hats (preferably dark colors/black)
  • tarps (preferably brown, dark colors)
  • hand warmers

Our Amazon shopping wishlist is set up for your convenience, and for health and safety reasons during the pandemic. Thank you for helping build a whole community!